East side of Caboose #11 stripped

VP Lonnie Dickson aided and abetted by President Chuck Whitlock’s grandson Cadu have been hard at work stripping the east side of “our” caboose. They have also been creating magical fireworks displays grinding down the old rivets on the frame. My pics aren’t the best but I think you can see the progress:

The Outside of Caboose #11

Chief electrician Jim Williams took these pics soon after we started the renovation work. As you can see the exterior is a mess. In due course what’s there now will be removed and replaced. The replacement will not be “as is” ……. to make it more passenger friendly three new windows are planned. The Redwood … Continue reading

Day 2 on the job

President Chuck Whitlock and Chief Electrician put some elbow grease into clearing the detritus from the inside of Caboose #11. Stuff stored in the caboose was removed along with a a seat and a cabinet. Jim Williams strung up lights so that workers can see what they are up to.